Business Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship program is for students who know that they would like to start and run their own business, and who want the support and tools that a Bachelor program in Entrepreneurship and SME Management can give them. Students will be required to have an international outlook and speak good English.
Students will have ambition, optimism and good general communication skills. They will be imaginative, artistic, conceptual thinkers and have good social networks.

The EBA pathway will enable future entrepreneurs to more readily adapt to the changing environment, through the use of their learned skills, competencies and knowledge, thus also maximizing the avoidance of company failure. In cases where companies do fail, trained entrepreneurs will be more capable of ensuring continuation than those who are not specifically educated in the field of entrepreneurship.


You will learn the basics disciplines that composed Business Entrepreneurship
Lear how to make planning strategies for your business
Learn how to apply those strategies into an effective Business Plan
Course Content:

Phase 1 – (Theory)

Phase 1 is a general freshman year focusing on textbook theory required for all related management courses. Students study in mixed disciplined classes (all specializations together), however are expected to show their chosen Specialization field in their essays / papers / project work.

Phase 2 – (From Theory to Planning)

Phase 2 all disciplines is a separate course of modules specifically related to the chosen field as well as more general modules. The focus of year 3 is planning and many modules will be examined through cases and planning e.g. a Marketing Plan for the module Marketing. The year also includes the completion of a Business Plan and other specific Entrepreneurship Modules.

Phase 3 – (Towards Strategy and Practice)

Phase 3 modules or the “Final year”, in which students study the strategic modules of management, fulfill their special Work Preparation Module, as well as complete the year with their research assignment, the graduation dissertation. Students are also given the chance to test the robustness of their Business Plan in Business Start-ups and Business Plan Execution, as well as instigate a full business start-up in their Work Placement module.


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