Workplace Ethics and Anti-Harassment


Workplace Harassment, 8th Edition, provides learners with a comprehensive look at key aspects of harassment, including definitions and best practices for handling and reporting harassment. Learners will explore harassment fundamentals, best practices for responding to harassment and additional content that will help them comply with policy and expectations.
Manager-specific versions include additional information that covers their unique responsibilities in preventing and responding to harassment, including handling complaints and creating a culture of ethics and respect.


Achieve a safe workspace
How to respond to harassment
How to report harassment and inappropriate behavior
Role of Human Resources on preventing and resolving these matters
Course Content:

For Employee:

30-minute Employee Fundamentals addresses key anti-harassment topics that every employee should understand, from their role in harassment prevention to how to appropriately identify and respond to harassment situations.


75-minute Manager Fundamentals adapts core lessons to the specific roles and responsibilities of managers and addresses how to manage and respond to harassment complaints, as well as leading and maintaining a culture of respect and prevention.

120-minute Manager Complete includes every module referenced in this document and includes modules on harassment fundamentals, diversity, discrimination and national origin, workplace dating, abusive conduct, gender identity and expression, and how to manage and respond to complaints.


Boland, M. (2016). Sexual Harassment in the Workplace . Sphinx Publishing.

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