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A Health Coach’s role is to help clients set health-related goals, create an action plan to achieve those goals, break negative patterns and habits, and replace them with healthy ones that serve them.
Health Coaches work with clients to better understand their current experience (and how they got there) and empower them to create a different experience. They help clients follow through with their goals by offering ongoing support, accountability, encouragement, and guidance.

Health Coaches help clients in 5 big areas of life:

“What is Greater?”
They help clients assess those 5 big areas and get clear on new habits they want to create. Through the transformative power of coaching, Health Coaches then help their clients turn those new habits into automated routines.

A Health Coach’s skill lies in knowing the right questions to ask to empower their clients and bring the answers inside to light, thereby expanding the menu of choices


Help motivate people achieve their goals
Making an effective coaching strategy
Learn how to change habits and create new ones
Help people achieve personal growth
Learn how to market and promote yourself to an audience

Course Content:


You’ll learn why Health Coaching is the future of healthcare, what Health Coaching is REALLY all about (and what it’s not), and why habit change is the key to client transformation.

Pillar 1: Functional Nutrition For Health Coaches

Pillar 1 includes all the functional nutrition information future Health & Life Coaches need. The courses and handouts cover the fundamentals of nutrition science and healthy eating, how food interacts with the body to mitigate disease and build optimal health, condition-specific protocols to help advanced medical conditions like weight loss, heart disease, and diabetes, and more.

Pillar 2: Habit Change Coaching Method

In Pillar 2, you’ll learn why the Habit Change Coaching Method is the secret to creating successful lifestyle changes and the #1 coaching skill of successful Health & Life Coaches. Handouts include materials to help you describe your program to potential clients, create your own signature coaching program that gets results, a Done-for-You Detox program, client email invitation template, over 10 coaching scripts, and more!

Pillar 3: Personal Growth (The Life Coach Certificate)

We believe that Health Coaching and Life Coaching go hand in hand and is precisely why we provide Life Coach training in Pillar 3. Life Coaches help people bring health to all three domains of life; physical, emotional, and cognitive wellbeing. Our Life Coach Certificate will prepare you to launch a fulfilling career as a Health Coach, a Life Coach, OR a Health & Life Coach. You’ll be able to work with clients across a broader spectrum and help them on a much deeper level.

Pillar 4: Proven Marketing & Simple Business Systems

Pillar 4 will teach you how to build a successful business. You’ll learn how to get clients, make money, price your programs, and schedule clients. Handouts will help you put systems in place for all components of your business and include done-for-you scripts and marketing materials, website copy, and loads more.


Jordan, P. R. (2013). How To Be A Health Coach: An Integrative Wellness Approach. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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