Breathing Techniques


In this course you will learn the basic breathing techniques that will help you improve your day-to-day life.
Most of us don’t employ our “breathing machine” fully. We will teach you how to do that! From breathing routines to yoga and meditation, through performance and emotional health breathing techniques, we will discover that there is no such thing as learning to breathe well.

The Main Goals of this Course are:

Learn why and how to breathe.
Regain control of our breathing.
Learn to breathe through meditation, yoga exercise and certain experiences like public speaking, singing, or any performance art.
Use our breathing to relax and be in more control of our body, mind and emotions.
Creation of breathing routines and better breathing habits.
Learn how not breathing well can affect our voice when we speak.
Learn Breathing exercises that are easy and can be done while working.

Penman, D. (2016). The Art of Breathing. HQ.

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